Hi, my name is Rusty and I am the leader of the Kids for Recycling gang. Or, at least he's my best friend. you see, I'm kind of second in charge. I help the kids stay on track and out of trouble. Since PJ and I were pups we've been best friends. Our mom tells me all the time how it's my job to keep PJ and the other kids safe. Mostly I just try to have fun and play, but since I'm the older one, I try and keep my eyes out for them and remind them to keep collecting those cans.


Hi, I'm PJ and I started the Kids for Recycling Gang. Even when I was still little I knew that I wanted to do something big to change the world. I've always thought that I wanted to do something to help other kids. I feel like I'm so lucky and I want to make things better for other kids too.


Hi, my name is Michael and I love to play cowboys. Some of my friends and I like to ride our bikes around and pretend we're herding cattle in the Old West. I got a cowboy hat for my birthday and I am saving up all my money to buy some cowboy boots, because my dad told me he and mom can't buy me everything that I want.


Hi, my name is Ling, when my parents moved here from the city, I didn't know anyone. All I did was practice playing my flute. I plan on going to the same music school that my parents went to and it's really hard to get in, so you have to practice your instrument. I also studied and did my homework a lot. Then I met Andee and some of the other kids around the  neighborhood and started having more fun!

Hi, my name is Evan and I am the youngest kid int he Kids for Recycling Gang, I'm also the only superhero as far as I know, except maybe my best friend PJ. PJ doesn't say that he's a superhero, but sometimes I wonder. Especially when he's out playing basketball with some of the other older kids and working the court like he's got superpowers.


Hi, I'm Vanessa. Since my grandma moved in with us, things have been pretty cool at my house. She's just so much fun. I like to ask about when she was a little girl. She also doesn't let my big brother tease me. It's especially nice to have her around because my mom is so strict about studying. I mean I love school, but there are other things besides math and science.



Hi, my name is Isabella, but everyone calls me Isa, because my brother couldn't talk very well when we were little kids, so Isa became my nickname. Isabella was the name of my dad's grandma. That makes her my great grandma. She is really old but very nice.


Hi, I'm Andee. Ling and I moved into our neighborhood about the same time, maybe that's why we became such good friends so fast. She's super smart and seems like she is so serious, but wow is she funny too. One time she made this weird face in class and we started giggling and laughing so hard we couldn't stop. Our teacher made us change desks after that so we don't get to sit right next to each other anymore. But, I can still see the silly faces she makes.