Who can join the Recycling Program?

Anyone can join our Recycling Program. We work with individuals and families in their homes and apartments as well as with businesses, and private and public organizations.

Does it cost to join the Recycling Program?

Membership to the Recycling Program is free. Just sign up!

How do I find out if your Recycling Program is in my area?

Go to the Membership Page, under the Recycling Program Sign-Up section and enter your zip code in the proper field to find out if Kids for Recycling is operating in your area.

What can I recycle in the Bag n'Box container?

Aluminum, steel and tin cans (do not crush), aluminum foil (clean and balled), paper milk and juice cartons, colored or clear glass, plastics #1-7, newspaper, magazines, white and colored papers, envelopes, and cardboard. A complete list of materials we do and don't recycle can be found on the "About" page.

How can my club or organization get involved in this?

You have two options: You can fill out the membership form found on the Membership Page and give us more details there; or, you can call us at (503) 481-3902 to speak with someone at Kids for Recycling directly.

What schools do you support?

Our Recycling Program supports the schools in the areas the Recycling Program currently operates in.

When do you pick up my bags of recycle?

The Recycling Program vehicle is on a scheduled route. To find out your day of the week we'll be in your area, please fill out the membership form on the Membership Page.