The viable edge of Kids for Recycling is its unique business model; we are a commercial business that raises financial resources for kids programs while also raising recycling awareness. Kids for Recycling will help to create a future in which commercial businesses will embrace the ideals of non-profit organizations.

An exciting concept for the community, Kids for Recycling will set the standard for new business practices, employee participation, and humanistic management trends. Our mission is to produce financial assistance to support our community's kids programs while running a profitable company. Our goals will set an example of a new business model.

With a focus on the community, Kids for Recycling has been designed to involve the whole family: both kids and adults. Through the use of a graphic-driven website and various forms communications including a regularly distributed email newsletter,  and various interactive kids’ contests, the company aspires to educate the community about recycling and sustainability.

The business model is heart-driven. We collect various recyclables from participating homes and businesses through our recycling program; turn that recycling into cash, then turn over the cash in a separate account that will be managed and distributed by a board of community leaders to determine how to reach kids in the best way. 

Selling ad sponsors on our Bag n’ Box™ collection containers, liners, recycling trucks and vans, billboards, and various online marketing strategies (e.g. a website, email newsletter, and interactive kids' magazine) will cover all operating costs and bring in additional revenue for growth into other cities. Further revenue will come from merchandise that features our kid characters: the Kids for Recycling Gang.

Investing in Kids for Recycling is an investment in your family, your community, your city, and the future of the environment. 


Sean Parries
Founder & CEO